The JBlingCity Band

“The Inspirational Experience”

Jason D. Harris & Ron Vince

The JBlingCity Band was founded in August 2013 when Jason Harris, aka JBling approached Ron Vince. Mr. Vince is an accomplished Violinist/Keyboardist. Jason had been looking for another talented musician to collaborate and write original music with. In a short period of time they both agreed that this partnership would be special. Thus the band was created !

JBlingCity’s innovative style of music focuses on being inspirational, diverse, uplifting, creative, different, positive, respectful, accepting, non-judgmental, and not violent. In our own way “we are trying to transform ways in which hip hop has gotten a bad name.” We hope that our out of the box thinking and direction will accomplish these goals. All of our music is co-written and co-produced by Jason Harris and Ron Vince. We also don’t believe that using profanity, focusing on violence and disrespecting women is the way to go… Instead, we choose the high road with our inspirational brand. This music is fully orchestrated, complex and mind provoking. Jason is the Frontman for the group.  Ron Vince is the Electric Violinist/Keyboardist, in the group. In September 2015, The JBlingCity Band met music consultant Glenn Friedman- Chief Executive Officer of The Music Umbrella Santa Monica, California USA who embraced our music and “Really Got It !! ” We signed our first big deal in mid October 2015, which was a record distribution deal in Asia with Higgs Music. The countries included are China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  In December 2015, we signed a distribution deal in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico) In 2016, we signed a distribution deal through Horus Music in United Kingdom. Our North America deal was signed through Thompkins Media GroupTC Thompkins promoted Michael Jackson for 6 years (5 Albums – including Thriller, Off The Wall and the Victory Album) making “Thriller the largest selling CD in history!” The rest of the World will follow……