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Performed by Electric Violinist 

Ron Vince – The JBlingCity Band




Electric Violin Solo by Ron Vince

Ron Vince play “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” at The JBlingCity Band’s concert !!!

The concert was at Celestial Temple of Peace, 5501 Oriole Ave, St. Louis, MO 63120 on March 6, 2016

We look forward to sharing our music with the community. We believe music can have such a positive impact on people. We want to create an abundance of inspiration and positivity when people come see us live. Our shows are so much fun with very high energy! ”




Trayvon Martin – No More Guns

by: J.Harris & Ron Vince


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TRAYVON MARTIN – No More Guns by J.Harris & Ron Vince

The writing of this song Trayvon Martin -No More Guns was inspired by the deep gravity of this incident which affected us all. We as musicians and writers felt the need to ask pointed and appropriate questions so that we can all grow as we move forward. When President Obama described many of the same experiences he had as a young African American which were so similar to Trayvon’s, it only gave us more reason to bring this song forward….